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Capital Swim Club offers swimmers an opportunity to be the best they can be, while enjoying the journey. Capital Swim Club’s programme offers flexible training times and styles, and is designed to suit everyone from young athletes to international representatives.



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Capital Swim Club’s programme offers flexible training times and styles, and is designed to suit everyone from curious capable new athletes to international representatives. Our professional coach-run training programmes integrate swimming, land based training at fully equipped modern gyms, and injury prevention. At Capital we prioritise the swimmer’s experience above all else – we are structured to ensure you will be able to train with people of a similar age and ability to you. You can learn more about our group structure and enquire about becoming a Capital Swimmer here


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For any other information please get in touch with one of the following Club contacts:
New and ongoing membership enquiries:
Swimming NZ membership and race questions:
Club matters around governance, finances, or anything else to the Board Chair:

Joining Us

Here at Capital we are always looking to grow our family. Take a look at some information about our swimming groups, and complete the online enquiry form. Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to know about us to see if we’re a good fit.


Swimming Group Information



National, Secondary Schools Events Update

National, Secondary Schools Events Update

On behalf of the Board of Capital Swim Club, our Coaches and myself as this Club’s Race Secretary I share SNZ disappointment in having to advise you that many of the upcoming National, Secondary School events have been cancelled or postponed as a result of the Coronavirus-19.

It is as SNZ have said in today’s communication, we are in unprecedented times requiring unprecedented decisions. The health, safety and wellbeing our swimming community must come first

Aon NZ Open Championships:
The Aon NZ Open Championships will be postponed until early June (likely 2nd-6th). The running of this event will depend on Government advice at the time with a final go/no-go decision being made on Monday 11 May. If the Championships are further postponed or cancelled, we will run an Olympic trial event for long-list athletes only starting on Tuesday 2nd June. In order for any ‘new’ Olympic trial event to go ahead (outside of our original Aon NZ Open Championships) we will need to wait for FINA Approval which we have sought and expect a positive response within 24 hours.

Note: The Fina Swimming Technical Officials School to be held in Auckland prior to the Aon NZ Open Championships has also been cancelled.

Additional Olympic Time-trial Event:
Given the postponement of the Aon NZ Open Championships that were also a FINA approved Olympic qualification event, we will hold an additional Olympic qualification time-trial for long-list athletes in Auckland at the National Aquatic Centre commencing on Tuesday 31 March again subject to FINA approval which we have already sought and expect a positive response within the next 24 hours. Our President David Gerrard is currently on the FINA Covid-19 taskforce so is at the coalface in terms of FINA’s decision making around changes to Olympic qualification events and is updating us as information is coming to hand.

Long-list athletes will be permitted to swim at both trial events (Additional Olympic Time-trial Event + the Aon NZ Open Champions) effectively providing long-list athletes with an additional Olympic qualification opportunity. The current Swimming NZ Olympic Nomination Criteria will be amended accordingly. All long-list athletes will be contacted within the next 24 hours to discuss the above and confirm details. This additional Olympic time-trial will only incorporate those events being qualified for and no spectators will be permitted at this event.

Aon NZ National Age Group Championships (NAGs):
This event has been cancelled. We discussed at length about other options for running this event including significantly reducing the number of athletes, coaches, managers, technical officials and spectators (approximately 1,300 in 2019) to get it under the 500 mark and moving to another date in 2020 but have decided that at this time, the best decision was to cancel the event.

Division II Championships (Div II):
This event has been cancelled for the same reasons given for NAGs above.

Note: The Fina Swimming Technical Officials Clinic to be held in Dunedin prior to Div IIs has also been cancelled.

NZ Secondary School Open Water Championships:
This event has been cancelled following a statement by the NZ Secondary Schools Council last night that all events on the NZ Secondary Schools Council calendar be suspended indefinitely.

Oceania Championships, LA Invitational and Junior Pan Pacs:
Information relating to qualification for these events, assuming they go ahead, will be circulated shortly.

For those who have paid entry fees or spectator fees to DIV II, NZO or NAGs, SNZ will most likely see to refunding your fees directly to you, so please be patient and keep an eye out for their communication about your refund which will shortly follow. For any other deposits or payments you may have made to attend these events (eg. flights), please contact your choice of supplier directly and enquire into the possibility of receiving a full refund or credit to use a future time at your discretion.

If I can provide any further support to your family with today’s decision, please don’t hesitate to email me at your convenience.

Kind Regards,

Sharon Pippos
Capital Swim Club Race Secretary

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

On behalf of the Capital Swim Club we would like to assure you we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic & operating in line with the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Health plan. We will continue to provide timely updates as new information becomes available.

Here is some advice from Swimming New Zealand & the Swimming Teachers and Coaches NZ Incorporated (NSCTA) :

As of 18th March 2020 there is no current advice that says people should avoid small gatherings, going to school, childcare or indeed swim training. We simply need to be sensible with pool users’ interaction like we would in any other social environment currently.

So, we would like to reassure parents / guardians & carers, that:

Swim training sessions are currently continuing on as normal.

Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with the Government’s advice regarding hygiene, recognising COVID-19 symptoms and self-isolation for those at risk.
There is no evidence to show COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools & hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance & disinfection (eg with chlorine & bromine) of pools should remove/ inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

For athletes who are feeling unwell – please let your coaches know & do not attend swim training.
We are also continuing on with contingency planning should direction from the Government & the Ministry of Health change.

Please note Friday night’s Meet the coaches evening has been postponed. The Capital coaches and board are working through ways to optimise training squad structures to better suit needs of current members as well as offer training options for prospective members to grow Capital’s membership. This review is close to completion and we look forward to sharing this with members soon. If an in-person hui is not possible over the coming weeks we will look to alternative ways of sharing this with Club members.

These are worrying times, but together with calm & sensible responses & accepting sound advice from official government authorities, we will all get through



…He waka eke noa …
On behalf of the Capital Swim Board
Nāku noa, na
Catherine Millar


Health and Safety

Health and Safety

In response to recent queries regarding sickness at swim training :-
The Board is in the process of reviewing & updating our Health & Safety Policy which includes the procedures when a swimmer is unwell.
First & foremost swimmers & their parents &/or guardians have a responsibility to make sure they don’t attend training when they are sick.
We will remind the coaches that upon identifying a swimmer is ailing they should not be at training or in a position where they can infect others.
For information on any medical/health related queries you can access Healthline or the Ministry of Health &/or check in with your own GP.
Please contact if you have health & safety queries regarding Capital Swim Club.

Covid-19 – Please keep yourself informed via updates regarding coronavirus provided from the Ministry of Health or World Health Organisation.

Capital Coaches New Email Addresses

Capital Coaches New Email Addresses

Capital coaches new email addresses: Please update your contact details for the coaches.

Coach Gary is

Coach Andre is’

Coach Brandon is

In order to keep the coaches updated about abnormal absences from training please have swimmers speak in-person with their coach, or for parents to email coaches directly.

Training Protcol

Training Protcol

Coach André Kudaba has put together his group expectations;

Show up on time.5:45am at the Hydrotherapy/back entrance of WRAC for weekday mornings, 4:30pm at the fitness room from Mon-Thursday, 3:45pm on-deck on Friday afternoons. Togs should be on, and water bottles filled by these start times. If your swimmer misses the team-meeting before our in-water session begins, it can be disruptive to the group and the swimmer is also missing out on learning the practice-plan.

Contact the coach about missing sessions: We understand many of our swimmers are involved in other extra-curricular activities, but please remind your swimmer to be up-front with their coach about when they will be missing training. Coaches plan each practice with a certain roster of swimmers in mind. Emails will be preferred when passing on this info.

Respect the Team:Swimmers must respect each other as training partners (no ill-will/bullying/general “bad form”). Be honourable! Being an athlete is a huge undertaking, respect that everyone is making a huge commitment.

Swimmers must respect their coach (i.e. no talking during times when the coach is instructing the group, swimmers need to get into the pool on-time, no talking back/foul language towards the coach).
In general, if the swimmer is purposefully taking away from the group’s ability to operate at its best, this is disrespectful to the squad. Do not be the one who takes away someone else’s ability to learn.”

Code of Conduct – A Reminder

As a member of Capital you are obligated to behave in accordance with the
Swimming New Zealand Code of Conduct, which states how you are expected to behave as a member of our club and the sport.
Be a positive role model
If you observe any member of our club (swimmer, parent, caregiver, coach and/or administrator) not behaving in accordance with the code please raise the matter with

Save the date

Save the date

An opportunity to ‘Meet the coaches’ on March 20th at The Hub 6-7:30pm. More Information to follow.

March Exclusions for Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

March Exclusions for Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

Friday March 13th & Saturday 14th for Swimming New Zealand Junior All Stars Summer Festival. Event schedule information included

2020 Junior Festival_All Stars Event Schedule_v3

2020 NZ Junior Festival – All Stars Zone – Event Information_v

Swim Success from across the ditch

Swim Success from across the ditch

Belated congratulations goes to Jena Rolston-Larking for her success at the Victorian age champs in December. Jenna made all her seven finals, broke a Wellington record on 100m Butterfly and placed 3rd in the 200m

2020 Wellington ADP Squads Anouncement

2020 Wellington ADP Squads Anouncement

Congratulations to all those swimmers selected into the 2020 Wellington Athlete Development Squads. Inclusion will aid further personal development and brings together swimmers from around the region to learn from other codes throughout the year. These squads are based on FINA points.

Talent Squad:Tayla Miles ,Thomas Waddington, Thomas White

Rising Star: Beatrice Fordham Duncan, Brooke Miles, Estee Jaccobs, Jenna Rolsten-Larking, Molly Player, Neve Tassicker, Pippa Nicol.

Performance Squad: Atakura Julian, Chelsey Edwards, Joel Crampton,Lewis Clareburt, Orlando Cristobal-Mandel, Ruby Heath, Sam Brown, Sophie Irving

Capital is so proud of you.

December Board Meeting 2019

December Board Meeting 2019

Attached is the link to the Minutes from the December Board Meeting.

As Board members we are improving all aspects of Capital Swim Club & we would appreciate any feedback you can provide us.
Please send any concerns you have to –

If you have the time, please Rate Us 5☆ on Facebook – thank you!

On behalf of the Capital Swim Board
Nāku noa, na
Catherine Millar

Capital Inspector of Turns (IOT)

Capital Inspector of Turns (IOT)

Congratulations Clyde Rolston – has passed his exam to become a National IOT. This is a fantastic achievement and a result representative of the hours of volunteering he gives as one of our Clubs IOTs.
Ngā mihi nui Clyde.

Capital Swim Club needs your support. Become an Inspector of Turns – volunteering to be an IOT helps the club & your swimmers, plus it will enrich your life experiences.
For more information please email Senior Official trainee Barbara Ryan at

Capital Classic Ocean Swim 2020

Capital Classic Ocean Swim 2020

Capital Classic Ocean Swim Results – January 2020
Coach André Kudaba
3.3 km Race:
Luke Kuggeleijn (1st in 15-19 Men, 2nd Overall)
Eligh Ashby (3rd in 15-19, 5th Overall)
Curtis Mellsop (4th in 15-19, 6th Overall)
Callum Hancock (6th in 15-19)
Ruby Heath (1st Female 20-24, 4th Overall)
Gabriella Jacobs (3rd 15-19, 5th Overall)
Molly Player (3rd 12-14, 9th Overall)

1km Race:
Beatrice Fordham Duncan (1st 14-19 Female, 1st Overall)
Ben Kuggeleijn (1st Male 10-13, 3rd Overall)
Ella Drummond (2nd 14-19, 2nd Female)

500m race:
Georgina Huttley (Female 14-19 1st, 2nd Overall)
400m Banana Boat Ocean Kids:
Ethan Kehoe (4th 11-12 Boys)
Hugo Appleby (7th 11-12 Boys)
Toby Boennic (8th 11-12 Boys)
Felicity Xie (10th 11-12 Girls)
200m Banana Boat Ocean Kids:
Ali Jaber (10th 9-10 Boys)

Shout Out to the parents who also competed admirably in their events too
Steve Mellsop – silver in 40something, Warren Player – 4th in abitover40…. Congratulations we are very proud of you too.

Wellington 13 & Over Long Course Champs

Wellington 13 & Over Long Course Champs

Wellington 13 & Over Long Course Champs
Coach André Kudaba
It was a great weekend for Capital at the Wellington 13 & Over Long Course Champs. Fast swimming was seen in all age groups as Capital won the team title with 1846 points (the majority of our athletes scored points in a truly team effort).
While the racing was exciting, the thing that made the coaches most proud was the Capital Team Spirit that pushed our swimmers through some truly tough sessions. Thank you to Lewis, Ché, Atakura, Max, Sophie, Sam B and Sam K for leading our warm-ups and team-chants throughout the meet!
Also, thank you to all parents who volunteered in any capacity, these events would not run if it was not for your efforts.
Congratulations to all finalists and medallists, but special recognition goes to our new record breakers:

Swimming Wellington Records
Chelsey Edwards (18)
200 Free: 2:00.06
50 Free: 25.64
100 Free: 55.36
Jenna Rolston-Larking (15)
100 Fly: 1:03.81
Molly Player (14)
200 Back: 2:24.93
Sophie Irving (17)
100 Back: 1:05.79
Lewis Clareburt (Open)
50 Free: 23.31

Gary’s News

Gary’s News

Lewis, Ruby, Tommy, Chelsey and myself attended the Queensland State Championships as members of the Swimming NZ Team  This competition serves as one of our pinnacle long course meets. And whilst we rest a week out we don’t taper.  The Swimmers Goals are to race faster at the meet compared to the year before. I have found if you can swim faster at this time of the year compared to the year before, preferably swimming near to your best times or faster without taper it bodes well for the end of season results for committed swimmers.
Following Queensland State Championships I ran a three week training camp over the Christmas holiday period at Southport, Gold Coast as part of our Tokyo 2020 preparations. The only day we did not train was Christmas Day. One week out of the water means you lose four weeks of fitness and that is not something Swimmers want to do who are preparing for National / International level competition in New Zealand. Lewis has pre-qualified for the Olympics in the 400IM from his result at the World Championships. Chelsey who helped qualify the 4×200 Fr Team for the Olympics must re-qualify at Olympic Trials in March. Chelsey’s times from Wellington LC Championships places her in a strong position.
Ka mau te wehi Gary, Lewis, Ruby, Tommy & Chelsey!

Head Coach Gary Hollywood
BSc Econ/ASAC Fellow/Gold Licenced Coach

Results from Queensland State Championships December 2019

2018 McDonalds Queensland Championships
Name Event Heats Finals Rank
Lewis Clareburt 400IM 4:19.38 4:18.72 1st
200IM 2:02.47 2:01.77 3rd
Ruby Heath 200Fr 2:07.80
400Fr 4:31.76
800Fr 9:23.98 9th
1500Fr 17:58.06 7th
T Wilson 100Fr 52.71
50Fr 24.27
200Fr 1:57.25

2019 McDonalds Queensland Championships
Name Event Heats Finals Rank
Lewis Clareburt 400IM 4:18.01 4:13.41 1st
200IM 2:01.29 1:59.98 1st
Ruby Heath 200Fr 2:04.82
400Fr 4:23.69
800Fr 9:06.71 11th
1500Fr 17:29.27 10th
Last year Ruby swam in her age group. This year Ruby swam as an Open Swimmer.
Tommy Wilson 200Fr 1:56.66
100Fr 52.63
50Fr 24.31

Chelsey Edwards 200Fr 2:02.20 2:02.55 17th
100Fr 55.95 56.14 6th
50Fr 25.84 25.88 2nd
200Fr 2:03.68 2:03.62 2nd
100Fr 55.71 55.93 1st

Chelsey competed in both Open & Age Group events. The medals were won swimming in her age group.

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day

REMINDER this Thursday 6th February is Waitangi Day – there will be no training sessions at either Freyberg or Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

New Coach

New Coach

We bring GOOD NEWS – it’s Nau mai haere mai to our new Coach Brandon Mutch, from Queensland, Australia. Brandon will be poolside at WRAC at 5.44am, Monday February 10th.
“Kia ora Capital swimmers and parents!
I’ve been coaching since April of 2012, in that time, I have worked with some fantastic mentor coaches. Over the four and a half years at St Peters Western, I have been lucky enough to work with a diverse range of swimmers. I’ve had the chance to see an Olympic preparation, two world championship preparations, and winning age nationals campaigns.
I’m excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting all swimmers and parents over the coming months!”
Ngā mihi nui to Coach André, with the help of Coach Alex for stepping up & doing the mahi whilst we wait for Brandon’s arrival.

E whakamihi ana matau ki a koe Sophie.

Nou te Tuakana Matua o te kura.

Na mamaakitanga ki a koe i nga wa katoa.

Capital is so proud of our senior swimmer Sophie on being awarded the role of head girl at Wellington East College. Congratulations Sophie!!!!



NZ Age Group Record

NZ Age Group Record

Congratulations to Chelsey Edwards on her New Zealand Age Group Record in the 50m Freestyle at Queensland Championships. Chelsey’s time was 25.68s.

Good luck to the other Capital swimmers – Ruby Heath, Lewis Clareburt, Tommy Wilson – competing in Queensland this week


SW Junior Champs 2020

SW Junior Champs 2020


This past weekend, the Swimming Wellington Junior Champs took place at WRAC. Overall our 22 Capital swimmers competed very well, putting their strong racing skills on display throughout the 4 sessions. Coaches Aidan and Andre were very proud to see the majority of the Capital swims resulting in PB’s, along with earning a good medal haul along the way.

Medal highlights:Alessandra Unsworth becoming a two-time Gold medallist (200 Free and 400 Free).

Our newest Capital member, Lucy Price, winning both the 50 and 100 Butterfly (earning her first NAG time in the 50) ,

Carlos Zhang earning multiple medals in the 10 year old age group. Charlie Madar-Leuluai (Silver) and Neo Li (Bronze) achieving their first ever Junior Medals in the 50 Backstroke.

Grace Masters (Bronze) and Isabelle Hunt (Silver) coming through with amazing finishes in their 50 Breaststrokes to earn their medals.

Go Capital!

Training changes this week

Training changes this week

A reminder that there are an number of exclusions at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre this week (16-19 December). There are changes from the document sent two weeks ago so please use this one to find out where and when each group will be training.

For morning sessions at Thorndon pool, please meet in the carpark at 6:15 am for dryland. Please note that there will be no afternoon training for Youth on Tuesday 17th December.

This week is the last week of training. Capital Swim Club has a close down period from Saturday 21 December until 5 January.december exclusions – amendments 15122019

Best wishes for a fun and safe Christmas break. Look forward to seeing you all poolside again from 6 January 2020.

Uniform Pricing

Uniform Pricing

The pricing of Capital Uniform has been reviewed and updated. New prices can found in the attached document and will also be put onto the website. All uniform requests can come via the email address.Uniform pricing effective 1 December 2019.xlsx – Sheet1

Aidans Farewell

Aidans Farewell

Aidan’s Farewell will be held at The Hub on Wednedsay 18 December, 7:30-9:30pm.

There will pizza ordered for the evening. Please RSVP to or Sharon Pippos so enough pizza can be provided for swimmers and families attending the farewell.
A hoodie and farewell cards will be poolside at Freyberg and Thorndon pools this week for swimmers and families to sign.
If you would like to contribute to Aidan’s gift please make donations into 03 0521 0208931 01.

Rebecca Perrott’s Record

Rebecca Perrott’s Record

Rebecca Perrott’s records
The oldest Swimming Wellington record is Rebecca Perrott’s 13yo 400m freestyle set on 7th March 1975 – that’s over 44 years ago.

Swimming Wellington are offering a $50 Swim T3 voucher to swimmers who break one of the old swimming records. It would be great to see some more fall by Capital Swim Club swimmers.

Here is the list of records.Pre 2000 records And there’s some other well-known names here that are still involved in our sport

Volenteer recognition

Volenteer recognition

Congratulations to Sharon Pippos who received the well-deserved Swimming Wellington Club Contributor of the year for 2019.

Swim Wellington Awards

Swim Wellington Awards

The Swimming Wellington Annual Awards were held at the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club on Saturday 30 November.

Congratulations to Lewis Clareburt (Best Individual Performance), Chlesey Edwards (Selectors’ Trophy), Sam Brown (Age Group Swimmer of the year), Lewis Clareburt (Swimmer of the year), Gary Hollywood (Coach of the year + Opens Coach of the year), Aidan Withington (Age Group Coach of the year).

An amazing 2019 for Capital!

December Exclusions

December Exclusions

december exclusions
There are a number of exclusions during December for Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre. Swimmers will be training at other pools during the week from December 16 -19. Training groups and where they will train is summarised in this document

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time” – Michael Phelps


Club Night
Last club night for 2019 is this Thursday 28 November at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre.
This is a great opportunity for Capital swimmers to experience the racing environment in a comfortable, supported atmosphere. Warm up starts at 4:15pm with racing from 5:00pm. Swimmers can do a maximum of four events in a fun evening which will be finished before 7:00pm. Junior training will still be on from 3:30pm.
Swimmers will select their events on the day. No prior registration is necessary.
We will need helpers for the event, so please email to find out how you can help. Or come along prepared to pitch in on Thursday night.

Barbara Ryan will be poolside and you can ask her any questions about being an official for Capital (or email

Capital Classic
Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated in last weekend’s meet. Age group winners from Capital were Jade Morrison (14 yo, 83 points), Alex Esposito (15 yo, 111 points) and Sam Brown (16+, 105 points).

Special mention to Clem Fordham-Duncan for the biggest PB of the meet of 6.93s in her 100m Freestyle earning a prize from Lewis Clareburt!

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped to make the meet successful. A meet like this requires substantial amount of work behind the scenes and on the day. Huge thanks to Pam Edwards, Barbara Ryan, Sharon Pippos and Andy McFarlane who work tirelessly to run a meet that provides official times for our swimmers.

Olympics 2020
Check out the video of our Olympian Lewis Clareburt. http://

SW Update
The latest update from Swimming Wellington is here


Upcoming Meets

SW Tier 1: November 30, WRAC

SW Junior Champs, 14 + 15 December, WRAC

Club Rules Update

The Capital Board members are Matt Titcombe (Chair), Joe O’Callaghan (Deputy Chair), Dave Clareburt, Lynda Hart, Mike Heath, Nathan Masters, Lynda Hart and Catherine Millar. Please get in touch with any board members if you would like to discuss your club concerns or email

At the AGM on August 25, the board proposed to run an SGM to resolve membership rules in the Club’s constitution. With constitutional changes forthcoming from both the regional and national swimming bodies, the board has made the decision to delay a Capital SGM. Another update on this topic will be provided early in 2020.

Changes around the Club

On November 10 the Club said farewell to coach Craig Elliot. We have also said goodbye to the Club Administrator Rebecca Acheson. While the the Board evaluates Club finances volunteers will provide the administration requirements of the Club. Sharon Pippos will resolve accounts and race secretary matters, Joe O’Callaghan and Lynda Hart will respond to all other Club matters via the

It is with sadness to share with members that Aidan Withington will be finishing with Capital at the end of 2019. He will be the new Head coach of Swim Rotorua. Congratulations Aidan!

New Format

Capital will now be using mailchimp to communicate with members. There may be a few technical issues so please bear with us as we get to grips with this new tool. There is the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of this email in case we have your email in our database by mistake. Please feel free to forward onto others to read and subscrib

Otago Long Course Silent Auction

Otago Long Course Silent Auction

Otago Long Course Champs Silent Auction

As you may already know, we are fundraising leading up to and including The Capital Classic, so swimmers can travel to Dunedin to compete at the 2019 Otago Long Course Championship. Our fundraising consists of 2 x $50 draws (one per session) and a silent auction. This is in addition to the Wheel of Pain and Chocolate bars galore.

$50 Draw

For $2, you get the chance to win $50. There are 2 x $50 prizes up for grabs (one per session). Tickets are available for you to purchase as you enter the Meet on Saturday. There is no limit on how many $2 tickets you can purchase with the winning ticket being drawn once racing has commenced. Put to good use your loose change and you may end up leaving the Meet with one or two $50 notes.

Silent Auction

The families of those attending Otago Champs have pulled together a list of Auction items that is attached for your families consideration. This is a Silent Auction. Bids open tomorrow, Wednesday, 6 November, 2019 and close Sunday, 17 November, 2019 at 5pm (the day after the 2019 Capital Classic). The winners of each Auction item will be contacted on Monday, 18 November, 2019 regarding collection.

Bids can be emailed to me at or placed inside the Silent Auction container which will be brought to Craig’s farewell on Sunday as well as placed on the Recorders/Announcers Desk throughout the duration of the Capital Classic Meet.

For any bid you wish to make, please include the following information:

The item number you are bidding on
Your First and Last Name, affiliated Club and contact details (email and cellphone number) and
Your bid amount.

Recommended Retail Prices have been provided against each Item being offered as part of the auction and reserve prices have been set to ensure each item is sold for a fair price


Craig’s Farewell Information

Craig’s Farewell Information

Following on from the newsletter email, please refer below to the plate of food requested from the members of each squad and the Coaches for Craig’s farewell.

Pam Edwards and Sharon will be at the Toitu Hub from 4:30pm, on Sunday. If all food could be delivered to us for placement, this would be appreciated. Once the function ends, the Club is responsible in cleaning up the mess that is left behind so please consider this in the type of food you wish to bring to share.

Junior Dolphins and Junior Olympians: Savoury Items
eg: flavoured rice crackers and hummus, dips, freshly cut carrot sticks/celery sticks with hummus and dips, sushi, savoury muffins, chippies, dried fruit and nuts mixes, flavoured popcorn, filled rolls, sandwiches, cheerios.

Youth Group and Collegiate Group: Sweet Items
eg: fresh fruit that does not need to be cut (eg. strawberries, grapes, small bananas etc.), Chocolate brownie, Sweet muffins, Sweet biscuits, donuts, chocolates, fudge, cake, fruit loaves, truffles, gingerbread men, raspberry buns, marshmallows, Natural Confectionary Company Lollies.

Senior Group and Coaches: Fresh Fruit that needs cutting and non alcoholic beverages to share
eg: any type of melon, whole pineapple, oranges, apples. Juice and standard fizzy drinks

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Newsletter – November 2019
Kia ora Capital Swim Club family and welcome to our latest newsletter.
It’s been a busy changeable time over the last few weeks. I am your new Board Chairperson, Matt Titcombe. Thank you Mark Huttley, outgoing Board Chair for his service. I also welcome Catherine Millar, Lynda Hart, Dave Clareburt, Joe O’Callaghan to the board as well as Mike Heath and Nathan Masters who have been co-opted onto the Board.

We Farewell Coach, Craig Elliot After more than three years of coaching with Capital we are sad to say goodbye to Craig. The families appreciated his presence on the pool deck, the athletes enjoyed his “long chats” between sets, and the Senior athletes enjoyed swimming alongside him in relays.

Congratulations! Sam Brown, Jenna Rolston- Larking and Orlando Cristobal-Mandel who recently represented Capital and New Zealand at the Aussie State Champs. Sam was named Swimmer of his age group for the meet after winning 3 x GOLD and 1 x SILVER medals and clocking up a tally of 4 x Wellington records.
New Zealand Short Course
Men – 265 points placing 18th out of 60 Clubs.
Women – 497 placing 10th out of 64 Clubs.
On behalf of the Capital Swim Club Board, Coaching Group, and families
CONGRATULATIONS to the team of swimmers who attended this five-day, ten session Meet. Many swimmers produced some superb results especially Sophie Irving who broke the Wellington SC records for both the 50m and 100m Backstroke events for her 16 years age group.
Together with the participating swimmers at this meet, thank you to attending Coach, Aidan Withington and Team Managers, Joe O’Callaghan and Sue Mellsop for their support throughout.

Welcome Coach, Andre Kudaba
We are excited to announce the addition of Andre Kudaba to our permanent coaching staff. You’ll see him poolside working with the Junior Dolphins, Junior Olympians and Youth Group at WRAC and Freyberg.

Kia ora Capital Swim Club, With joining a new club (in a new country nonetheless), I thought I would introduce myself and discuss some of my experiences with the sport of swimming.

Growing up in the small town of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia (Canada), athletic pursuits were always a part of my upbringing. As both my parents were teachers, they went out to find a sport that they both could watch and support throughout their summer vacations. They found a programme named the Coquitlam Sharks where my two siblings and I learnt to swim and ultimately race. I was drawn to the butterfly stroke immediately and have incredible memories from the coaches who helped me throughout those BC summers. I won many provincial titles as a youth, and still hold some British Columbia records that were set almost 20 years ago.

After “graduating” from summer swimming, at age 10, I switched to year-round training with the legendary Hyack Swim Club in New Westminster. Under Coach Mark Bottrill, I swam to many National Age-Group/Junior titles in both Butterfly and IM, eventually earning a spot on the Canadian Junior National Team, and in turn, earning scholarship opportunities at universities around Canada and USA. My older siblings also continued their careers in aquatics, with my brother playing Water Polo in the 2008 Olympics for Canada, and my sister became a distance-freestyler for a University in British Columbia
At age 21, after a struggle with injuries stemming from a car-accident (while riding my bike on training camp with my uni team!), I decided to retire from competition and took a short break from the pool-deck before being drawn to coaching. I coached first in Alberta, then returned home to British Columbia and led groups in both summer-only clubs, and year-round clubs.

I have coached for close to a decade now, assisting with all age-groups and skill levels. From helping newcomers learn to swim, to assisting with training Olympic level athletes, I have had a varied career in coaching that has shown me the full-spectrum of the sport. I believe fully in the development of skill and technique prior to a swimmer taking on elite-level training, both to prevent injury and to promote skillful racing. I also believe that swim racing is the most exhilarating feeling in sport, yet this feeling can only be achieved if the swimmer commits with purpose to their training during the long-hours spent at practice.

I am very proud to be joining the club’s coaching staff for the upcoming year. With the excitement building towards the long course season, I hope we can all help the swimmers reach some truly exceptional goals.

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote in all of coaching: “A good coach will make his players see what they can be, not what they are” – Ara Parseghian. I hope to see everyone pool-side soon!

Nga mihi mahana (warm regards)
Matt Titcombe
Chairperson, Capital Swim Club

Swimming Wellington 2019  Coaches and Swimmers Awards

Swimming Wellington 2019 Coaches and Swimmers Awards

Award Evening

The Awards Evening which will be taking place at the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club on Oriental Bay, at 7.30pm

Tickets are available via the below link:

Congratulations and good luck to all the Capital swimmers and Coaches that have been nominated

Capital Closing Down Period

Capital Closing Down Period

Labour Day — Monday 28 October
Christmas & New Year – Friday 20 December – Monday 6th January 2020

Wellington anniversary day — Monday 20 January
Waitangi Day — Thursday 6 February
Good Friday — Friday 10 April
Easter Monday — Monday 13 April
ANZAC Day — Saturday 25 April or Monday 27 April
Queen’s Birthday — Monday 1 June
Labour Day — Monday 26 October.

When there are events occurring on Public Holidays coaches will be poolside providing guidance and support.
For those swimmers who wish to train on these dates, please approach your coach individually who will advise and assist in establishing an appropriate training program for you in public lane space or privately paid for lane space you are able to secure with Council

Capital Classic Entries Open

Capital Classic Entries Open

A friendly reminder that your Club’s Meet known as the Capital Classic is now open for entries and closes, Sunday, 10 November, 2019 at 23:59.

As it is your Club’s Meet and Meets entry fees represent a major way this Club fundraises, it would be good to see all of our experienced swimmers enrol and participate in this annual event.

A copy of the information needed about this Meet is attached in the form of the flyer or below in the original email that was sent mid-October.

If you need help with selecting events, you are welcome to print the flyer and present it to your Coach poolside to determine the events you should be entering into.

Being a two session Meet we will need a lot of helpers to get through the workload we anticipate happening. Please email me the name of your swimmer’s helper as I try to share the workload amongst our families so every family has the opportunity to see their swimmer in action. If you are an IOT, please let Sharon know your preference of session and your availability (if needed) to work both.

A friendly reminder that your Club’s Meet known as the Capital Classic is now open for entries and closes, Sunday, 10 November, 2019 at 23:59.

2019 Classic Flyer

SNZ National Roadshow

SNZ National Roadshow

Details for the Wellington event for the SNZ National Roadshow

· Tuesday 12th November
· 7.30 – 9.30pm
· Pelorus Trust Sports House

Topics to be presented will be:

Steve Johns, CEO:
· General SNZ Update:
· Governance
· Membership Protection
· 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan development
· Q&A

Andy Kent, Head of Participation:
· Participation strategy development
· Competition pathway review
· Database development update
· Q&A

Gary Francis, Targeted Athlete and Coach Manager:
· 2020-2024 High Performance priorities
· Targeted Athlete & Coach Programme update
· National Squads update
· Q&A

All are welcome – swimmers, coaches, parents, administrators etc. Please RSVP by Friday 8th November with likely numbers attending as we’ll provide some light refreshment.

VUWSA awards for Lewis Clareburt

VUWSA awards for Lewis Clareburt

Congratulations to Lewis Clareburt for winning the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) in 2019. For a second year running, Bachelor of Commerce student Lewis Clareburt has been awarded the Sportsperson of the Year and Māori Sportsperson of the Year Blues Awards for his national record-breaking international sporting achievements in swimming.

Presented annually in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA), the Blues Awards are the highest sporting accolade the University can give to students who have brought credit to the institution through their sporting achievements or contribution to sport.

In July at the World Swimming Championships in South Korea, Lewis swum the race of his life to claim a bronze medal in the 400 metres Individual Medley. In doing so, Lewis took more than two seconds off the national record and was the first New Zealander to win a medal at the event since 2015. Lewis also qualified for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Lewis is of Tainui descent.

Well done Lewis!

Open Night: 22 August, WRAC

Open Night: 22 August, WRAC

Capital Swim Club will be running an Open Night at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre on Thursday August 22. Come say hello to Lewis Clareburt, a Bronze medallist at FINA World Champs in July 2019.

All swimmers are welcome to come and do a free trial and see what swimming group would suit them.

Time: 3:30-5pm. There will be three 30-minute sessions starting at 3:30, 4 and 4:30pm.




WHiPA scholarships to Capital Swimmers

WHiPA scholarships to Capital Swimmers

Congratulations to four Capital Swimmers who have been awarded a Wellington High Performance Aquatics (WHiPA) Lloyd Morrison Reaching for the Podium scholarship. Well done Sam Brown, Atakura Julian, Chelsey Edwards and Jenna Rolston-Larking.



Capital Swim Club was very proud to have Lewis Clareburt and Chelsey Ewards competing at FINA World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea. Congratulations to the successes of both Lewis and Chelsey.

Clareburt came third in the World and won a bronze medal in the Men’s 400 Medley. Lewis swam his fastest, getting a new personal best as well as breaking the New Zealand Open Record. An amazing 2.2 seconds faster; Lewis swam the 400 Medley in 4:12.07 seconds.

Edwards was in the 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay which secured a spot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The New Zealand women’s team came 10th overall in the Women’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay in a time of 8:03.28 seconds. Chelsey Edwards swam the third 200m in 2:01.88 seconds.

On day 7 competed in the 50m freestyle. Chelsey Edwards came 37th overall in the Women’s 50m Freestyle in 26.05 seconds. 18-year-old Chelsey was 40th on the entry list so climbed 3 places in 37th. She was one of the youngest competing in the event and the second youngest in the top 40.

Swimmers selected for NZ Team

Swimmers selected for NZ Team

Congratulations to Sam Brown who achieved automatic selection to the NZ team that will attend Australian State Teams Championships in his 400IM performance at the National Age Groups Championships. Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been invited to the Australian State Teams Championships selection camp 17th to 21st May. Good luck to you all.

  • Orlando Cristobal-Mandel
  • Joel Crampton
  • Jenna Rolston-Larking
  • Estee Jacobs
Capital Club Night: September 19th

Capital Club Night: September 19th

Capital club nights will occur on the 2nd last Thursday of each school term. This is a great opportunity for Capital swimmers to experience the racing environment in a comfortable, supported atmosphere.

Our next Club Night is Thursday September 19th! 

Warm up starts at 4:15pm with racing from 5:00pm. Read More

Useful Information


At Capital we pride ourselves on bringing out the best in our young swimmers, and letting them learn about themselves as they learn about swimming.