What We Stand For

Capital’s objectives are to:

  • Provide, encourage and promote the instruction and coaching of and participation and competition in swimming and aquatic sports in the Wellington area;
  • Provide facilities to achieve our objectives;
  • Assist all swimmers to achieve their maximum potential in all aquatic disciplines at all levels; and to
  • Actively promote the ideals of true sportsmanship, club spirit and friendship.

Capital has a proven track record and a team to cater for swimmers of all levels.  We aim to develop each swimmer’s talent to its fullest potential and in doing so, instil the key principles of: 

  • Water safety;
  • Best technical practice;
  • Goal setting;
  • Motivation; 
  • Commitment;
  • Work ethic;
  • Discipline; 
  • Enjoyment;
  • Good sportsmanship; and
  • Team spirit.

Our Values:

To achieve these objectives all our activities are underpinned with the following values:

Respect:  We treat people with respect and value diversity.  We give people proper credit and stand up for others.  

Courage:  We persist despite barriers.  We focus on the positive and maintain enthusiasm even after disappointment. 

Determination:  We actively work to achieve goals even when facing obstacles. 

Fairness:  We operate with integrity, demonstrate honesty and keep commitments.

Achievement: We set challenging personal goals, work tenaciously towards them and derive satisfaction from their achievement.  We accept responsibility for the outcomes (good or bad).

Fun:  We take time out to enjoy our own and others’ company.  We participate, initiate and encourage others to socialise in squad activities outside of the pool.  

Team Spirit:    We support and encourage team members, take pride in the team’s achievements, demonstrate Capital’s values and communicate passion for the Club.