Craig’s Farewell Information

Following on from the newsletter email, please refer below to the plate of food requested from the members of each squad and the Coaches for Craig’s farewell.

Pam Edwards and Sharon will be at the Toitu Hub from 4:30pm, on Sunday. If all food could be delivered to us for placement, this would be appreciated. Once the function ends, the Club is responsible in cleaning up the mess that is left behind so please consider this in the type of food you wish to bring to share.

Junior Dolphins and Junior Olympians: Savoury Items
eg: flavoured rice crackers and hummus, dips, freshly cut carrot sticks/celery sticks with hummus and dips, sushi, savoury muffins, chippies, dried fruit and nuts mixes, flavoured popcorn, filled rolls, sandwiches, cheerios.

Youth Group and Collegiate Group: Sweet Items
eg: fresh fruit that does not need to be cut (eg. strawberries, grapes, small bananas etc.), Chocolate brownie, Sweet muffins, Sweet biscuits, donuts, chocolates, fudge, cake, fruit loaves, truffles, gingerbread men, raspberry buns, marshmallows, Natural Confectionary Company Lollies.

Senior Group and Coaches: Fresh Fruit that needs cutting and non alcoholic beverages to share
eg: any type of melon, whole pineapple, oranges, apples. Juice and standard fizzy drinks

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