Training Protcol

Coach André Kudaba has put together his group expectations;

Show up on time.5:45am at the Hydrotherapy/back entrance of WRAC for weekday mornings, 4:30pm at the fitness room from Mon-Thursday, 3:45pm on-deck on Friday afternoons. Togs should be on, and water bottles filled by these start times. If your swimmer misses the team-meeting before our in-water session begins, it can be disruptive to the group and the swimmer is also missing out on learning the practice-plan.

Contact the coach about missing sessions: We understand many of our swimmers are involved in other extra-curricular activities, but please remind your swimmer to be up-front with their coach about when they will be missing training. Coaches plan each practice with a certain roster of swimmers in mind. Emails will be preferred when passing on this info.

Respect the Team:Swimmers must respect each other as training partners (no ill-will/bullying/general “bad form”). Be honourable! Being an athlete is a huge undertaking, respect that everyone is making a huge commitment.

Swimmers must respect their coach (i.e. no talking during times when the coach is instructing the group, swimmers need to get into the pool on-time, no talking back/foul language towards the coach).
In general, if the swimmer is purposefully taking away from the group’s ability to operate at its best, this is disrespectful to the squad. Do not be the one who takes away someone else’s ability to learn.”

Code of Conduct – A Reminder

As a member of Capital you are obligated to behave in accordance with the
Swimming New Zealand Code of Conduct, which states how you are expected to behave as a member of our club and the sport.
Be a positive role model
If you observe any member of our club (swimmer, parent, caregiver, coach and/or administrator) not behaving in accordance with the code please raise the matter with

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