2020 CPT Medley Meeet Initial Psych Sheet and Initial Session Report

2020 CPT Medley Meeet Initial Psych Sheet and Initial Session Report

Please find attached the Initial Psych Sheet and Session Report for Saturday’s CPT Medley Meet.

Prior to the Meet


Review the entries you have made for your swimmer and get in touch with Sharon Pippos ( Capital Swim Club Secretary) if changes need to be made. Withdrawals will be accepted until 12 noon Friday with the final psych sheet and programme emailed out to you by 5pm the same day. Families are welcome to print these documents remembering they will not be available for purchase at the Meet. If you wish to track the Meet in real time, the Meet Mobile APP works well and can be purchased from online APP stores.
Nominate the name of your helper. Thank you to those families who have already done this. Unfortunately you are the minority. Could the rest of our participating families please let me know their helper urgently as you are expected to provide at least one helper per participating swimmerEmail Sharon if you need uniform or a Swimming Wellington black swimmers pass. You need to be wearing Capital uniform consisting of a Capital embossed singlet or t-shirt, hoodie (optional) and your own plain dark blue/black shorts or leggings and display your pass to gain entry into this Meet as a swimmer. Please don’t forget to write your swimmer’s name on their uniform in case it gets lost.

Sharon’s email is racesec@capitalswim.co.nz.

Meet Day

Entry is via WRACs Main Entrance. Swimmers and Coaches please display your Swimming Wellington or NZSCTA pass. Officials/Helpers please sign in on the Officials Form or show your Swimming Wellington pass to gain entry. Spectators, please pay the $2 entry fee to WRAC personnel situated at their usual position in the front entranceway. Entry opens from 2:30pm.
Contribute to the Capital raffle – 2 opportunities to win $50 cash by purchasing a single ticket for $2 or 3 tickets for $5. Any money raised will go towards Capital’s Meet expenses so please purchase generously.
Team Managers, there is a meeting in the GROUP FITNESS ROOM at 2:45pm – please don’t be late.
Seating is reserved for Clubs with any unallocated seating available for spectators to use. Please note the Gallery and Terrace Seating numbered 1-3 is out of bounds for this Meet. As are the southern stairwell and gym area.

Gallery, Bay 4 – 90 seats

Raumati – 6 swimmers + 2 team managers filling back row of Bay 4
Pirates – 65 swimmers + 2 team managers filling from front to back of Bay 4

Gallery, Bay 5 – 90 seats

Capital – 76 swimmers + 2 team managers filling from front to back of Bay 5

Gallery, Bay 6 – 98 seats

Masterton – 15 swimmers + 2 team managers filling back row of Bay 6 + first three seats in next row down
Upper Hutt – 6 swimmers + 2 team managers second row
Tawa – 51 swimmers + 2 team managers filling from front to 3rd to last row of Bay 6

Gallery, Bay 7 – 63 seats

PCA – 49 swimmers + 2 team managers. PCA you are welcome to split across Bay 7 and remaining seats in Bay 6 or move across to the Terrace Seating side.

Terrace Seating, Bay 5 – 42 seats

Swimzone Racing – 25 seats + chair for Erin Knox if needed.
Pool warm up commences from 3pm with feet first entry from the shallow end. Lanes 0,1,8,9 will turn into dive lanes from 3:15pm with warm up finishing at 3:25pm and racing commencing from 3:30pm. Two lanes situated in the 5m Pool have been booked for swimmers to warm up/down once racing has commenced.
Officials meeting at 3:15pm in the GROUP FITNESS ROOM.
This is a Short Course (25m) Meet. Every race will be Marshalled through the Group Fitness Room rather than the Spin Room. Boxes for personal clothing will be left in the Group Fitness Room labelled by lane number. One race at a time will be released from the Group Fitness Room to a Marshall on Pool deck immediately prior to the race occurring. When on pool deck, extra care will be need to be taken as there will be a lot of officials and coaches positioned in this area.
While the Meet is running, please be respectful of those stepping up to race by being quiet and still anytime you hear a whistle being blown. This signal may indicate the start of the race and it is important that the swimmers who are racing can hear this above the crowd noise.
At the end of the Meet, Organisers will score by gender each of the following 5 age groups – 10U, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17O. The winners of each age group (male and female) will win a prize for the points they scored at the Meet.
Thanks for supporting this Meet for your Club, Pirates and Tawa Swim Clubs.

2020Combi session report

Psych sheets 2020 Combined Meet


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