Capital,Pirates Tawa Medley Meet

Capital,Pirates Tawa Medley Meet

Please find below the next Tier 2 short course (25m) Club Meet on this year’s Racing calendar.

Capital SC 2020 mixed flier

The CPT (Capital, Pirates Tawa) Medley Meet is an opportunity for these Clubs to reclaim the Meet each lost during Covid-19.

To enter this Meet swimmers must be active and financially registered as either a Club or Competitive swimmer on the SNZ database. For all Recreational Swimmers, this is an opportunity for you to progress your SNZ swimming level to Club swimmer and participate in a Meet as an individual swimmer. NT (no times) are permitted for every event (ie. you do not have to have a previous official time to enter any event) with entries done via your swimmer’s Fast lane and payment made at the time of entry.

Entries cost $10 per event and the opportunity to register for the Meet remains open until Sunday, 19 July 2020, 23:59 no exceptions.

For Capital Swim Club swimmers, this Meet will also be used to identify our 2019-20 Club Champions. To enter Club Champs, your swimmer must enter 4 events with one event being either the 100IM or 200IM. We will separately score the swimmers results in the days following the Meet and share the results with the membership shortly thereafter.

With Term 2 school holidays commencing next week, please look at completing your Meet entry as soon as possible. If help is needed to select your swimmer’s events, please speak to your swimmer’s Coach poolside or via email.

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