Amended AGM information

Kia ora koutou Capital swimmers and families,

On 27 July the Capital Swimming Club gave notice of its 2020 Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday 30 August at The Hub, commencing at 2pm. The notice was incorrect.

We called for nominations for two board vacancies that are up for election at this year’s AGM, however the Club is looking for four board members. Two board members resigned earlier this year, and were not replaced, and under the Capital Swimming Club Constitution, the two longest serving elected board members also have to retire at each AGM.

This means the club is looking to elect four board members at this years AGM.

As mentioned in our email on 27 July, nominations must be presented to the Club in writing at least 28 days before the AGM (by Sunday 2 August).

Nominations can also be made from the floor at the AGM if insufficient nominations are received by 2 August. If there are insufficient nominations to fill the minimum number of board seats as specified under the Capital Swimming Club’s Constitution at the AGM, the AGM will have to be adjourned.

Under the Capital Swimming Club Rules, Rules, the Board has to have at least five members to meet as a board; in addition, at least four elected members of the Board must be parents /caregivers of swimmers, or swimmers over the age of 18 in order for the Board to meet. The Board currently has three such members, including the two longest serving members standing down at the AGM.

Those who are interested in standing for election to the board as a board member must be members of Capital and only members can nominate and second candidates.

The board nomination form is here.Election form

New non-swimmers wanting to sign up as an ordinary member of Capital Swim Club need to complete a Capital membership form and send to Sharon Pippos at If you have already completed a form in previous years, there is no need to resend a membership form. The membership fee associated with non-swimmers of $25 will be issued to our current database as well as to newcomers who send through a Capital Membership Form. Payment of your fee must be received by the Club no later than Friday, 28 August, 2020 if you wish to have your vote count at this year’s AGM. Alternatively, if you are a current non-swimmer member and no longer wish to continue with membership with the Capital Swim Club, please let Sharon know so she may resign you from the Club.

Ngā mihi nui

Joe O’Callaghan,
Capital Swim Club Administrator

Notice of AGM, 30th August 2020

Kia ora koutou,

Another year has gone by and it is time for the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Capital Swim Club.

The AGM will be held on August 30 at 2pm at The Hub and the notice of AGM is here. An agenda and all AGM documents will be sent to members 14 days prior to the AGM.

We are calling for nominations for board members. We have two board vacancies that are up for election at this year’s AGM. Those who are interested in standing for election to the board as a board member must be members of Capital and only members can nominate and second candidates. The board nomination form is here. Nominations must be presented to the Board in writing at least 28 days before the AGM (by 2 August). Nominations can also be made from the floor at the AGM if needed.

To vote on matters the Board raise as part of the Club’s AGM, a member must be an Ordinary Member or Life Member as defined by the Club’s Rules. Thank you to Sharon Pippos for collating the membership types for members.

Ordinary Member – the type of membership offered to both swimmers and non-swimmers (eg. parents/caregivers, past swimmers). A completed Capital Swim Club Membership Form along with payment of the current annual Capital Membership Fee of $120 (swimmers) or $25 (non-swimmers) is needed to gain this form of membership. Only Ordinary Members aged 18 years or older are entitled to vote at General Meetings. Non-swimmer membership is optional.
Membership Fee invoices for swimmers were issued to families on the 1st of July, 2020 for payment.

Non-swimmers wanting to sign up to become an Ordinary Member are required to send their completed Capital Membership Form so they can be added to our Membership database before issuing to them their Membership Fee invoice for payment. The form should have the Ordinary Non Swimming Voting Member box checked, with other necessary details completed and returned to Sharon Pippos at

Life Member – these members are entitled to vote at General Meetings and they have no annual Capital Membership Fee to pay. Recommended by the Board, voted and approved by a 75% majority at a General Meeting.

As ever, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on I looked forward to seeing you at the AGM at the end of August.

Ngā mihi nui

Matt Titcombe,
Chairperson, on behalf of Capital Swim Club Board

Notice of AGM

Election form

2020 CPT Medley Meet Results + Age Group Winners and Wrap Up

Please find attached the unofficial results and age group winners (top 5) from Saturday’s CPT Meet and the Flyer for the next Tier 1 Meet.

Congratulations to the swimmers who competed on Saturday. It was fantastic to see such a large number of competitors (just shy of 300) at a Club level Tier 2 Meet.

Thank you to Coach Andre Kudaba, Coach Brandon Mutch and Coach Ben Stirling and the list of parent volunteers who all gave their time to make this Meet a success. A special word of thanks to Julie Kuggeleijn for her willingness to step into the bull-pen with me on Saturday and marshal. She lost her voice, but never a swimmer and she did a fantastic job as a trainee, so I hope she’ll consider doing the role again as the racing calendar picks up momentum. Thanks also to our raffle sellers. It isn’t a role many are willing to step up to do but Jacqui Day Ellis and Nicki Nicol, what an awesome effort you ladies gave. While we only ended up doing 1 raffle of $50, these ladies collected $200 more for the Club to put towards their upcoming Meet expenses.

In wrapping up the Meet, please read through the below and advise if you have any queries.

Age Group Winners (refer to Top 5 Placings attachment)

Prizes were awarded to those who placed in the top 3 in all age groups being scored, male and female. A list of those yet to collect their prizes from Capital are as follows:

Lucy Evans (3rd, 11-12 Women)
Ella Drummond (2nd, 13-14 Women)
Sam Kilduff (1st, 13-14 Men)
Estee Jacobs (2nd equal, 15-16 Women)
Cooper Gouge (1st, 15-16 Men)

Their prizes can be picked up over the week at training.

With Jessica Johnstone (1st, 10U Women), Anthony Li (2nd equal, 10U Men), Lucy Price (1st, 11-12 Women), Tayla Miles (3rd ,13-14 Women) and Alex Esposito (2nd equal, 15-16 Men) who collected their prizes on the night, congratulations to these swimmers for your Saturday CPT Medley Meet results.


Will be paid tonight to your nominated bank account if you have a swimmer that scratched due to illness or injury or unavailability to attend the Meet (this notice must have been received prior to the release of the initial psych sheet). Please confirm with me your preferred bank account number for the refund to be paid into.

Helping at Meets

A reminder to everyone that one of the conditions of your swimmer’s Capital Swim Club Membership is your agreement to assist at Meets. Helpers do NOT have to be Mum or Dad. It can be anyone linked to your swimmer who is aged 16O. While I appreciate families telling me they are busy or they have other things planned on the day they’ve enrolled their swimmer to compete, this seems to be happening all too often. Please remember the responsibility of finding a helper to support your swimmer lies with you and not the Club if you choose to register your swimmer to compete.

For succession planning it is important we have more than a handful of parents I can call upon to help in any role if it is requested of our Club. Families with experienced competitive swimmers, please look at stepping up and training into more official roles leaving the easier roles like timekeeping, door entry, etc. for newcomers to assist with. This allocation of tasks will be the way helpers will be assigned moving forward especially if a Meet is open to swimmers of all ages and levels. Only if the Club’s workload can be shared, will our families not need to work every Meet their swimmer enrols into but this needs every family from Dolphins through to Senior Squad registering to be ready to deliver help otherwise the workload continues to fall on the kindness of the same families.

So onto the next Meet:

Reminder: Tier 1 Meet registrations close this Sunday at 23:59

A reminder to SNZ Competitive Swimmers, 12O entries close on Sunday for the next Tier 1 Meet. This Meet will be held at the Coastlands Aquatic Centre and I am now looking for IOTs and timekeepers to come forward to offer their help if their swimmer plan on attending. To IOT trainees, this Meet has been offered as an opportunity to train or possibly be examined so please let me know of your availability as well (please copy Barbara Ryan at if you wish to make yourself available for this Meet). To qualified IOTs, please let me know your availability even if it is a no.

2020 New Zealand Short Course Championships

2020 New Zealand Short Course Championships

NZ Short Course Championships takes place from 6th-10th at the Sir Owen Glenn National Aquatic Centre in Auckland and is open for Capitals qualified swimmers.

If the size of the squad is large enough, the plan would be similar to previous trips:
Swimmers will need to book flights that arrive in Auckland on Sunday October 4th, please do not book flights that arrive after 12pm.
Swimmers will need to book return flights that leave on Sunday October 11th. Do not book flights that depart before 8am.
Competing swimmers will share accommodations and meals, along with transportation to and from the airport/hotel/pool.
Expenses for Coaching team and Team Manager(s) will be incurred by the competition squad.
Attached is the qualifying times, event information and event schedule.

The qualifying period is until September 20th, with entries opening on August 6th. If a swimmer is close to achieving qualifications, please keep in mind that we have a few qualifying opportunities before Sept 20th.

Also, please read over Capital’s “Away Trip Swim Meet Guidelines”.Capital_Swim_Club_Away_Trip_Swim_Meet_Guidelines

Do not hesitate to contact Coach Andre Kudaba or Joe ( with questions about the trip if you are unsure about anything.





2020 CPT Medley Meeet Initial Psych Sheet and Initial Session Report

2020 CPT Medley Meeet Initial Psych Sheet and Initial Session Report

Please find attached the Initial Psych Sheet and Session Report for Saturday’s CPT Medley Meet.

Prior to the Meet


Review the entries you have made for your swimmer and get in touch with Sharon Pippos ( Capital Swim Club Secretary) if changes need to be made. Withdrawals will be accepted until 12 noon Friday with the final psych sheet and programme emailed out to you by 5pm the same day. Families are welcome to print these documents remembering they will not be available for purchase at the Meet. If you wish to track the Meet in real time, the Meet Mobile APP works well and can be purchased from online APP stores.
Nominate the name of your helper. Thank you to those families who have already done this. Unfortunately you are the minority. Could the rest of our participating families please let me know their helper urgently as you are expected to provide at least one helper per participating swimmerEmail Sharon if you need uniform or a Swimming Wellington black swimmers pass. You need to be wearing Capital uniform consisting of a Capital embossed singlet or t-shirt, hoodie (optional) and your own plain dark blue/black shorts or leggings and display your pass to gain entry into this Meet as a swimmer. Please don’t forget to write your swimmer’s name on their uniform in case it gets lost.

Sharon’s email is

Meet Day

Entry is via WRACs Main Entrance. Swimmers and Coaches please display your Swimming Wellington or NZSCTA pass. Officials/Helpers please sign in on the Officials Form or show your Swimming Wellington pass to gain entry. Spectators, please pay the $2 entry fee to WRAC personnel situated at their usual position in the front entranceway. Entry opens from 2:30pm.
Contribute to the Capital raffle – 2 opportunities to win $50 cash by purchasing a single ticket for $2 or 3 tickets for $5. Any money raised will go towards Capital’s Meet expenses so please purchase generously.
Team Managers, there is a meeting in the GROUP FITNESS ROOM at 2:45pm – please don’t be late.
Seating is reserved for Clubs with any unallocated seating available for spectators to use. Please note the Gallery and Terrace Seating numbered 1-3 is out of bounds for this Meet. As are the southern stairwell and gym area.

Gallery, Bay 4 – 90 seats

Raumati – 6 swimmers + 2 team managers filling back row of Bay 4
Pirates – 65 swimmers + 2 team managers filling from front to back of Bay 4

Gallery, Bay 5 – 90 seats

Capital – 76 swimmers + 2 team managers filling from front to back of Bay 5

Gallery, Bay 6 – 98 seats

Masterton – 15 swimmers + 2 team managers filling back row of Bay 6 + first three seats in next row down
Upper Hutt – 6 swimmers + 2 team managers second row
Tawa – 51 swimmers + 2 team managers filling from front to 3rd to last row of Bay 6

Gallery, Bay 7 – 63 seats

PCA – 49 swimmers + 2 team managers. PCA you are welcome to split across Bay 7 and remaining seats in Bay 6 or move across to the Terrace Seating side.

Terrace Seating, Bay 5 – 42 seats

Swimzone Racing – 25 seats + chair for Erin Knox if needed.
Pool warm up commences from 3pm with feet first entry from the shallow end. Lanes 0,1,8,9 will turn into dive lanes from 3:15pm with warm up finishing at 3:25pm and racing commencing from 3:30pm. Two lanes situated in the 5m Pool have been booked for swimmers to warm up/down once racing has commenced.
Officials meeting at 3:15pm in the GROUP FITNESS ROOM.
This is a Short Course (25m) Meet. Every race will be Marshalled through the Group Fitness Room rather than the Spin Room. Boxes for personal clothing will be left in the Group Fitness Room labelled by lane number. One race at a time will be released from the Group Fitness Room to a Marshall on Pool deck immediately prior to the race occurring. When on pool deck, extra care will be need to be taken as there will be a lot of officials and coaches positioned in this area.
While the Meet is running, please be respectful of those stepping up to race by being quiet and still anytime you hear a whistle being blown. This signal may indicate the start of the race and it is important that the swimmers who are racing can hear this above the crowd noise.
At the end of the Meet, Organisers will score by gender each of the following 5 age groups – 10U, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17O. The winners of each age group (male and female) will win a prize for the points they scored at the Meet.
Thanks for supporting this Meet for your Club, Pirates and Tawa Swim Clubs.

2020Combi session report

Psych sheets 2020 Combined Meet


Swimming Wellington Short Course Championships

Swimming Wellington Short Course Championships

Please find attached the Flyer for the 2020 SW Short Course Champs (qualification times included).

This multi-day gathering at WRAC which commences Friday, 18 September and ends Sunday 20 September, 2020 is open to 2020-21 SNZ active and registered Competitive Swimmers who have achieved their qualification time/s between 4 March 2019 and Saturday, 6 September 2020. If you are a Club swimmer who has qualified and would like to enter this Meet, please email me so I may update your SNZ membership level from Club to Competitive Swimmer so your Fast Lane account can book into this Meet.

Entry fees are $11 per event and any assistance with selecting the event/s to enter should be discussed with your Coach as we progress closer to this event.

Entries open Monday, 10 August 2020 via your Fast lane account and close Sunday, 6 September 2020 (no exceptions) so please diary note this important date. With this Meet being across days, every swimmer that registers will be required to offer a helper for a session or two. Please let me know when you register your swimmer/s which sessions your helper is available to assist us with the workload.

Finally attached to this email is the Club’s current Eligibility List by Age detailing the events our swimmers have currently qualified for. You may wish to use this information as a guide to selecting event/s in any upcoming Meet you plan to register for during the remainder of the Short Course Champs qualification period. Don’t forget entries to our own CPT Medley Meet on Saturday, 25 July, 2020 remain open until Tuesday, 21 July 2020 at 23:59 so I hope to see a full Club turnout for this shared gathering with Tawa and Pirates Swim Clubs.

Eligibility Report for 2020 SC Champs by Age

Short Course Champs 2020 Final Flier

Upcoming Meets

Upcoming Meets

Please find attached the following information for upcoming Swimming Wellington Short Course (25m) Meets.

SW Distance Championship 2020, Saturday, July 18, 2020 at Coastlands Aquatic Centre

– Limited to active and registered 2020-21 SNZ Competitive Swimmers aged 12 years or over as at the date of the Meet.
– 800m and 1500m Freestyle events require a time or a 400m Freestyle time of 5:15.0 for Males and 5.20.0 for Females in the last two years.
– One off entry fee for the Meet is $15.
– Entries and payment must be made via your Fast Lane swimmer account and close Sunday, 12 July 2020 at 23:59.

SW Tier 1, Meet 2, Saturday, August 8, 2020 at Coastlands Aquatic Centre

– Limited to active and registered 2020-21 SNZ Competitive Swimmers aged 13 years or over as at the date of the Meet.
– Only 1 NT (no time) event allowed and no qualifying times have been set for any event.
– Entry fee per event $11.
– Entries and payment must be made via your Fast Lane swimmer account and close Sunday, 2 August 2020 at 23:59.

2020 SW Short Course Championship, September 18-20, 2020 at WRAC

– Limited to active and registered 2020-21 SNZ Competitive Swimmers.
– Qualifying times are needed from previously approved Meets gained within a certain timeframe to be disclosed with the release of the Flyer.
– Flyer yet to be released.

For queries about these Meets, please email or speak to your swimmer’s Coach poolside

Capital,Pirates Tawa Medley Meet

Capital,Pirates Tawa Medley Meet

Please find below the next Tier 2 short course (25m) Club Meet on this year’s Racing calendar.

Capital SC 2020 mixed flier

The CPT (Capital, Pirates Tawa) Medley Meet is an opportunity for these Clubs to reclaim the Meet each lost during Covid-19.

To enter this Meet swimmers must be active and financially registered as either a Club or Competitive swimmer on the SNZ database. For all Recreational Swimmers, this is an opportunity for you to progress your SNZ swimming level to Club swimmer and participate in a Meet as an individual swimmer. NT (no times) are permitted for every event (ie. you do not have to have a previous official time to enter any event) with entries done via your swimmer’s Fast lane and payment made at the time of entry.

Entries cost $10 per event and the opportunity to register for the Meet remains open until Sunday, 19 July 2020, 23:59 no exceptions.

For Capital Swim Club swimmers, this Meet will also be used to identify our 2019-20 Club Champions. To enter Club Champs, your swimmer must enter 4 events with one event being either the 100IM or 200IM. We will separately score the swimmers results in the days following the Meet and share the results with the membership shortly thereafter.

With Term 2 school holidays commencing next week, please look at completing your Meet entry as soon as possible. If help is needed to select your swimmer’s events, please speak to your swimmer’s Coach poolside or via email.