Capital Swim Club Board

The Capital Swim Club is run by a board that meets every four weeks to act in the best interests of the club and provide good governance including; planning and budgeting processes, developing and managing policy and club communications. The Board are also involved in some operational aspects of the club.The board is a group of at least five people and not more than eight. Capital board members are elected by club members at the annual general meeting (AGM).

Members can stand for election to the board or are welcome to support the board in other roles.

Current Capital Board members

Matt Titcombe (Chair)

Catherine Millar

Joe O’Callaghan

Lynda Hart

Dave Clareburt

Nathan Masters

Mike Heath

If you would like to be involved in the Board, please contact the Club Chair.

Capital Swim Club are registered as an Incorporated Society and a registered Charity. The Capital Swim Club Constitution is the document that lays out the fundamental processes that govern the Club.