Squad Fees

As a ‘not for profit’ organisation, the Capital Swim Club aims to keep fees as low as possible.

However the Club has a number of fixed and fluctuating costs to cover such as salaries of their full time permanent coaches, pool hire and administration.  It is therefore unable to offer ‘part fee’ options.  Instead, each squad member is charged an annual rate irrespective of how many sessions Capital can offer or how many sessions the member attends.

This approach is needed to ensure:

  • we can budget more accurately
  • that swimmers have flexibility week by week and can attend any session available to them at their squad level
  • we are promoting swimming as a primary activity
  • those on waiting lists (where applicable) are not disadvantaged.

Squad fees do not follow school terms or cover participation in any school holiday swim programme or Meet. With the exception of public holidays and facility exclusions, the Capital training timetable operates 52 weeks each year.

If a special school holiday swim programme is offered over a school break, this will be in addition to the Club’s standard training timetable and invoiced separately to those attending.

Below is a table showing our current 2019-20 squad fees.

Squad Annual Squad Fee Monthly Squad fees
Junior Dolphins $720 $60
Junior Olympians $1200 $100
Youth Group $1800 $150
Senior Squad $2400 $200

To assist families with their budgeting, the Board have agreed to split the annual fee into 12 equal monthly payments invoiced on the 1st day of each new month with payment due within 7 days of receipt.

If a new member joins Capital Swim Club part way through a month, this month’s squad fee maybe reduced based on how many weeks are left available to train in their joining month.  The ability to offer a partial squad fee is limited to new members joining for the first time vs previous members re-joining in the same membership year after a lengthy period of absence.

Families who have more than one swimmer with Capital Swim Club will receive a single invoice with a breakdown of each swimmer’s individual squad fee.  Families with 3 or more swimmers will receive a 33% discount off the smallest squad fee for their 3rd or more swimmers.

Other Fees

In addition to squad fees that can be paid monthly, the following additional fees apply

Capital Swim Club: For the 2019-20 annual year, an Annual Membership fee of $120 per swimmer.  For families with 3 or more swimmers, the Annual Membership fee is capped at $360 per annum.

Swimming New Zealand: Similar to Capital Swim Club, the SNZ membership year is from 1 July through to 30 June of the following year.  For the 2019-20 membership year, Competitive and Club swimmers have an annual SNZ subscription fee of $111 and $30.55 respectively.  This fee is non-refundable once paid and is not lowered as the membership year progresses.

If your swimmer is in the Junior Dolphins squad and new to competitive swimming, you may wish to delay your swimmer’s SNZ enrolment until they are ready to start racing at Meets.  Swimmers assigned to any other Squad Group are expected to enrol with SNZ each year as they are expected to compete throughout the year the membership relates to.

Entrance Fees: Capital training sessions being held at Wellington City Council (WCC) facilities, and members are required to pay WCC entrance fees to enter and attend training. Capital Swim Club has no control over the fees WCC charge and members must satisfy their own obligations on entry.

The Council do offer concession cards on a monthly or annual basis and multi visit passes.  As Council concession cards and passes operate on a 52 week year rather than school term, Capital recommend families speak to WCC Reception staff to determine which entrance fee option works best for them.  Generally speaking, a swimmer that accesses any WCC Aquatic facility at least 3-4 times per week during school term receives sufficient benefit from having a monthly or annual concession card.