Uniform and Gear


The Capital Swim Club colours are a distinctive blue with a distinctive yellow Capital Swim Club logo.

Swimmers are expected to wear the Capital uniform to Meets. Uniform options include a t-shirt, singlet or hoodie and plain black shorts/leggings to events. 

The Blue Capital Swim Club cap must be worn by members at Meets when racing and is strongly encouraged at training sessions.  

To order uniform, please contact our administrator at manager@capitalswim.co.nz and select the items you wish to purchase.  The Club’s designated uniform officer will then make contact with you about collecting and paying for your order.

Swim Gear

In addition to wearing appropriate swimwear, all swimmers require goggles and a water bottle at trainings.  Goggles should be suitable for diving, with a double strap or split strap.  Water bottles should be refillable to ensure your swimmer remains well hydrated during session.

Below is a list of the additional gear swimmers should bring with them for training.  Please remember to name your gear and consider using a gear bag to store and transport your belongings to and from training sessions.  Gear should be taken home at the end of each session as the Capital Swim Club have limited secure storage lockers to safe keep your belongings.

  • Junior Olympians
    – Flippers (short length is preferred over long length)
    – Kick board
  • Youth Group / Senior Group
    – Flippers
    – Kick board
    – Pull Boi
    – Snorkel
    – Hand Paddles
    – Black rubber dyno band to wear around your lower legs.

The majority of Capital Swim Club swimming gear can be purchased at Swim T3 – Oriental Parade, Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre or other sports stores located throughout the Wellington region. Swim T3 offer a 10% discount to Capital Swim Club swimmers and sports stores like Rebel Sports often have sales throughout the year as an affordable option for families.